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internet / marketing / copywriting


Website & eShop design and development

The first step for effective online presence

Your business website is the foundation upon which your online presence is based. It is your very own, unique site on the worldwide web that gives your prospects a first impression of you and your business.

With our know-how we do not just help you gain impressions. We provide web design and development enabling you to establish your business presence on the internet. Even more, we help you reach new customers by utilizing all available “tools” and digital marketing strategies offered.

Each of the websites and eShops we develop has a unique design that adapts to our clients’ needs and requirements. And the result is always perfect, both aesthetically and technically.

What we offer

  • Unique design and development of websites and eShops based on modern technology, with special attention to details; responsive design adjusting to screen sizes and devices
  • Easy navigation through the website or eShop that improves user experience and effectively converts visitors into customers
  • Search engine-friendly websites
  • Affordable hosting, maintenance and upgrade packages, so that your website is always up to date and compatible with the latest developments
  • Targeted digital marketing services contributing to the maintenance and expansion of your customer base
  • Web content creation written specifically for your website